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sometimes you're a smidge confused about what you need...
              “You can’t always get what you want… but if you try sometimes, you get what you need”   If you know Mick and Keith, this won’t be new news… But, if you are young or you missed some Rock History for whatever reason… you may not know what we are referring to [well worth a YouTube search. Type 'the Stones - Need']. It’s a bit like this when you are looking for a counsellor to work through your complex life journey. Where do you start? Well, to begin with, let’s dispel a myth that regularly floats around. That is, counsellors/therapists are going to want to know all the gory [or sweet] details… As a veteran of the iconic couch [i.e. the one you as the client is supposed to sit on while we unpack your life], I’d like to suggest that the most important thing to know as a client is whether your heart and stomach tell you it is OK to say anything at all to the professional on the other side of the room. A detailed history is of course important… though what is more important from where I’m sitting, is a sense of the big picture, human condition [aka we are all messed up in complex ways]. And, really important: Does your gut say this therapist might respect your complex history long enough for you to see yourself and discover a few potential solutions? That’s the secret - if you feel confident to process some, and I mean some of the detail… you might just work out your own solutions while someone else sits with you aka the empathic therapist, whose major goal is to help you break through to the other side of your stuckness.

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Do away with unnecessary admin, reduce overhead costs, grow your client base and improve therapeutic outcomes - all from the comfort of your own home!

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Connect your clients with a service that works for them. Create health care plans and referrals to a platform that takes the guesswork out of sourcing high-quality mental health services online.

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Utilise health care that provides real data and ongoing feedback on government-funded mental health programs.

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Help your employees be the best versions of themself, use Cyber Clinic to provide online psychological therapy help and improve their wellbeing through affordable and data-driven mental health online care.