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Find out more about how Cyber Clinic helps connect Therapists with clients right across Australia using innovative healthcare solutions.


How Practitioners work with Cyber Clinic?

Convenience that works for you. Cyber Clinic gives you access to clients from anywhere with a stable internet connection, connecting you through secure online video consultations. Reduce your admin load with Medicare rebates processed automatically through the app. Focus on increasing revenue and improving therapist-client relationships with the Cyber Clinic app.

Our Practitioners enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Increased client base
  • Access to rural clients
  • Fast and guaranteed payment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Low overhead
  • Engagement analytics to improve your service and patient outcomes

How online therapy is improving patient outcomes

Telehealth and video conferencing have been the saviour in recent times. With a world torn apart by a pandemic, remote connections have been what has held relationships, both social and business, together. Cyber Clinic provides therapeutic solutions to Australians located in metropolitan, remote and hard to reach places by offering easy online access to quality Psychology services.

With Cyber Clinic

The benefits of working from home have been broadcasted widely; reduced overheads, flexible working hours and a more controlled work/life balance. Cyber Clinic allows practitioners to consult from wherever is most convenient and patients to connect around their busy schedules.

Without Cyber Clinic

Face to face consultations have restricted clients in the past, meaning those living in rural areas have had to travel long distances to find the specialist help they need. Even those in bigger cities can find it difficult navigating clinic wait times and practitioner shortages. Online consultations mean that everyone has access to mental health services, no matter where they live or how busy their lives are.


How do I get started?

The process is simple for both practitioner and patient, just follow these steps to begin



Simply find the "Get Started" button on the top right corner of the menu bar and click on the practitioner login button to get started.

Fill in personal info

Register your profile by entering all your details as required. Make sure you update your availability when you start, so patients can book with you sooner. We will be in touch shortly after to verify your details before your account is live on our platform.

Match with a client

Cyber Clinic will match you to clients based on your specialities and areas of expertise. Make sure you select these carefully when filling out your profile to ensure quality matches.

Receive feedback

Patients will be prompted to provide feedback at the end of every session. Visit the Therapeutic Alliance Score in your profile to help monitor and tailor your therapy.


Our Partners

Cyber Clinic is proud to work with clinics and organisations across Australia that are doing incredible work in the Mental Health space.


Practitioner FAQ

Want to know more about Cyber Clinic? We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions to make providing online therapy easy.

What do I need to get started?
All you need is your existing qualifications as a mental health professional, and a computer with a good quality Internet connection, and your own private space.
All psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health nurses, mental health social workers and counsellors who have appropriate qualifications, training and experience and meet Australian standards.
Say goodbye to rental, office lease, reception wages, travel costs and EFTPOS Fees. Cyber Clinic charges a percentage (20%) of the fees for all completed consultation. For example, if the fee for an hourly consultation is $100.00, you will receive $80.00. There are NO other hidden fees or charges.
Determine your own hourly rate for all retail clients, you are in charge!
You do not need to worry about taking payment from clients. Clients pay the consultation fee to Cyber Clinic in advance to secure their booking. Your part of the fee for each consultation is transferred into your nominated bank account at the end of each month along with a summary statement of all consults.
Yes, Medicare rebates are available for video consultations between psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health social workers and their patients. The patient must live in an eligible telehealth area, classified as Modified Monash Model areas 4-7. Please visit to determine eligibility.
Cyber Clinic meets the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards. Video connections are protected by end-to-end encryption technology and remain within Australian servers and are not recorded for any purpose. Cyber Clinic complies with the Australian Privacy Act (1998). Any data stored is for emergency contact details and Medicare purposes and is owned solely by Cyber Clinic.
No. You are able to access Cyber Clinic using web browsers such Google Chrome or Firefox.
If a client cancels their appointment with more than 24hours notice they will receive a full refund and you will be notified of the cancellation. If they cancel within 24hours of their appointment, they will be charged 50% of the consultation fees. No Shows are charged the full consultation fee.
Yes, definitely! All fees will be paid into your organisation’s nominated account, and then it is up to you to pay each individual provider as per your normal arrangements. To set up your clinic or organisation, please email or call 1300 112 115.
The answer is Yes. With Cyber Clinic we have practitioners and clients located Australia wide. Our inbuilt time zone feature allows a seamless booking process reflecting the exact time from your location.

Practitioners about Cyber Clinic

Hear from our partners about their experiences with Cyber Clinic.

Review date: 12.03.21

Cyber Clinic allows access to an online, experienced Psychologist in Australia, when you want, where you want. Geography, commutes and wait times, are no longer a barrier for people to receive the professional support and therapeutic intervention that they deserve.

Ross Leembruggen PSYCHOLOGIST

Review date: 20.04.21

Cyber clinic is a fantastic platform for reaching clients in need and giving me the flexibility to practice effective psychology remotely. The staff have been extremely helping around using the platform effectively. The performance metrics have been very helpful in giving me a visual insight to the client needs. I highly recommend using Cyber Clinic for Psychologists wishing to expand their telehealth skills and reaching more people in need.

Sarah Van Der Pluym PSYCHOLOGIST

Review date: 14.02.20

Telehealth is a convenient way for many clients to receive health services. I have found Cyber Clinic to be an excellent platform for me to deliver mental health services. It reliably allows my clients and me to focus on our therapy together, without any distraction or disruption from the technology. Cyber Clinic simply does what it is supposed to do and does it well.

Tony Florio Clinical Psychologist

Review date: 26.06.20

The staff have been extremely helpful and made the whole uploading process exceptionally smooth. The client nature of arranging appointments means that you save time not having to arrange session (eg Zoom) and a secure link means that counselling not been compromised. The email notification for pending client has ensured that I have not missed any potential clients and the email reminder of appointments on the day is immensely helpful.


Review date: 02.05.20

Cyber Clinic provides me a great working environment where I get to connect with a dedicated, compassionate and supportive team who work collaboratively to help to connect or reconnect with clients. The clinicians can determine their own work hours, this flexibility of work schedule brings balance between my work and other commitments.

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