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Find out more about how Cyber Clinic helps Australian businesses connect their employees with convenient mental healthcare that works for them.


How Businesses work with Cyber Clinic?

Most business owners and HR managers do their best to provide mental health support for their employees. Still, often the Employee Assistance Programs don’t have the sufficient structure to help support the mental health needs of their workers.

Mental health support should play a large role in every workplace, not only for the obvious improvement it can make in an employee suffering from a mental illness but also as a preventative measure it helps to keep staff in a positive mindset. Focused, happy, and supported employees are more productive, and provide a safer work environment for those around them.

Cyber Clinic offers quality mental health services that are convenient and easy to access; from work, home, and anywhere in between. Our app connects each employee with a like-minded practitioner using our AI-driven algorithm that matches them based on skill areas and expertise. Be proactive with your employee’s mental health care and connect with Cyber Clinic today.


How online therapy is improving patient outcomes

Telehealth and video conferencing have been the saviour in recent times. With a world torn apart by a pandemic, remote connections have been what has held relationships, both social and business, together. The digital world is now providing solutions for clients in big cities and regional towns in Australia alike to be able to access quality Psychology services.

With Cyber Clinic

Cyber Clinic is offering businesses more than employee assistance. Staff can find complete and quality care through online appointments with a practitioner that is best suited to them. Ensure your business remains proactive by promoting a healthy and happy workplace, offering help when it’s needed to foster both individual and organisational growth.

Without Cyber Clinic

Stress and employee burnout are at an all-time high in modern workplaces. Dealing with office dynamics along with a social and personal life can be too much for some to bear, leading to staff suffering from anxiety, depression and burn-out. Ensure your employees have access to the help they need, when they need it with the Cyber Clinic app.


Cyber Clinic's Service Package

Our platform is designed to be simple yet powerful, allowing easy access to quality mental health care that makes a difference.

The app
  • Easy to use
  • Free to download through Apple App Store and Android Play Store
  • Your employee receives a unique access code allowing easy bookings to be made while maintaining the confidentiality
24 hour online booking
  • Users have access to Practitioners calendar of available appointments and can book a time that best suits them
  • Access to over 180 consultation hours per week, including after-hours and weekend appointments
  • Appointments and notifications all managed right within the app
Trusted practitioners
  • Over 200 mental health practitioners available for all users to access
  • All practitioners are registered and vetted according to our clinical governance guidelines
  • Practitioners are matched with each user based on skill areas and your employee’s specific needs
Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Access to feedback systems to help practitioners provide better care
  • Built-in rating scales to help track employee engagement and wellbeing progress
  • Anonymised metrics to see the real benefits of online therapy for your organisation

Our Partners

Cyber Clinic is proud to work with clinics and organisations across Australia that are doing incredible work in the Mental Health space.


Business partner help centre

Want to know more about Cyber Clinic? We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions to make accessing online therapy easy.

How do clients/employees access service?
Clients/employees are given a unique Organisation ID which grants them access to all of Cyber Clinic’s online services No payment is required when using an Organisation ID Clients/employees will register, book, cancel, re-schedule and re-book appointments online without the assistance of a supervisor or intake worker.
Cyber Clinic has access to a large database of mental health practitioners who have been vetted according to our clinical governance guidelines. Our mental health practitioners include psychologists, counsellors, mental health nurses and mental health social workers. We can select and manage a group of suitable practitioners to be available for your organisation and ensure an appropriate spread of availability, expertise and experience, tailored to your organisation’s needs.
Absolutely. We ensure that we consistently deliver the highest quality service by vetting all practitioners prior to verifying their account on Cyber Clinic. We check background information such as their registration with the appropriate regulation agency, institutional affiliations, training and education, and unique skill areas.
For businesses intending to use the service for their employees, Cyber Clinic provides a simple pre-purchase pricing model that allows you to only pay for consults you use. Once a certain number of consultations have been purchased for your employees, they are available to use for twelve months from purchase. These sessions can also be topped up anytime throughout the year. For more information about pricing, please contact us on 1300 112 115 or
All data is solely owned by Cyber Clinic and is stored on a securely encrypted server within Australia. We use a native, secure video-conferencing system that does not require the use of any third-party applications such as Skype or FaceTime, making all calls highly secure. Cyber Clinic does not record or store video calls for any purpose. Cyber Clinic complies with the principles under the Australian Privacy Act (1998)
Cyber Clinic will provide Performance Outcome Data (POD)TM on a quarterly basis, or as required. These reports provide basic demographic data, such as number of sessions used, gender and age of employees using the service, primary presenting issues and location of use. We also provide unique data on key metrics such as engagement, wellbeing and practitioner performance for return-on-investment decisions.

Practitioners about Cyber Clinic

Hear from our partners about their experiences with Cyber Clinic.

Review date: 12.03.21

Cyber Clinic allows access to an online, experienced Psychologist in Australia, when you want, where you want. Geography, commutes and wait times, are no longer a barrier for people to receive the professional support and therapeutic intervention that they deserve.

Ross Leembruggen PSYCHOLOGIST

Review date: 20.04.21

Cyber clinic is a fantastic platform for reaching clients in need and giving me the flexibility to practice effective psychology remotely. The staff have been extremely helping around using the platform effectively. The performance metrics have been very helpful in giving me a visual insight to the client needs. I highly recommend using Cyber Clinic for Psychologists wishing to expand their telehealth skills and reaching more people in need.

Sarah Van Der Pluym PSYCHOLOGIST

Review date: 14.02.20

Telehealth is a convenient way for many clients to receive health services. I have found Cyber Clinic to be an excellent platform for me to deliver mental health services. It reliably allows my clients and me to focus on our therapy together, without any distraction or disruption from the technology. Cyber Clinic simply does what it is supposed to do and does it well.

Tony Florio Clinical Psychologist

Review date: 26.06.20

The staff have been extremely helpful and made the whole uploading process exceptionally smooth. The client nature of arranging appointments means that you save time not having to arrange session (eg Zoom) and a secure link means that counselling not been compromised. The email notification for pending client has ensured that I have not missed any potential clients and the email reminder of appointments on the day is immensely helpful.


Review date: 02.05.20

Cyber Clinic provides me a great working environment where I get to connect with a dedicated, compassionate and supportive team who work collaboratively to help to connect or reconnect with clients. The clinicians can determine their own work hours, this flexibility of work schedule brings balance between my work and other commitments.

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