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Struggling with your Mental Health?

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Your journey

How do I start feeling better?

Feeling better starts by talking to someone. We give you access to online support that can help you feel better. Our therapists can help you manage problems with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, eating disorders, child counselling and much more.

mental health online app
mental health online app
mental health online app
mental health online app

Download the app

The first step towards the new you is by downloading the Cyber Clinic app through the Apple or Google Play store. Explore our online mental health treatment and connect with professionals that can really help.

mental health online app

Introduce yourself

Take our short quiz so we can learn more about you and find out what areas in your life we can help you with.

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Connect with therapist

Asking for help from a stranger is difficult, our app is built to help connect you with psychologists and counsellors that understand your specific needs and are more likely to connect with you personally.

mental health online app

Discover the new you

Book your consultation with a therapist you’ve been matched with and take your first step towards a healthier, happier you

mental health online app
mental health online app

Help at your fingertips

Access to Australia's best mental health services, online and ready whenever you need them.

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Our app uses an AI-driven algorithm to help connect you to like-minded professional therapists, custom picked to help with your unique needs.
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Online booking whenever suits you - you can access our services 24/7 to find help when you need it. Speak with mental health professionals using secure, Medicare-approved video consultations from anywhere with internet access.
mental health online app 3. Measure
Keep track of your mental health journey and see how your consultations are helping improve your life. Use our Therapeutic Alliance Score to see your progress.
mental health online app

Medicare Rebates for up to 20 Sessions!

All Australians can now access up to 20 subsidised online counselling sessions per year. You can access your medicare rebate right in the Cyber Clinic app, sign up today to begin your mental health journey with us.

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Practitioner spotlight

Connect with qualified mental health practitioners who take pride in delivering quality care, paired with you using the AI-driven algorithm built right into our app.

  • mental health online app
  • Psychologist on the Cyber Clinic app
  • mental health online app
  • mental health online app
  • Psychologist Australia Cyber Clinic
  • Psychologist Australia Cyber Clinic
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Download the Cyber Clinic app and get matched today:

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Client Journeys

Mental wellbeing journeys with Cyber Clinic

See how our mental health app and passion for online mental health therapy have helped our clients so far.

Review date: 20.04.21

Client key: #285612

Thanks to Cyber Clinic I was able to take my therapy sessions over the weekend. Pinar was really sweet, made me feel welcomed and helped me with my struggles from the very first session. This platform is so easy to navigate, I was able to book a session with a practitioner in less than 5 minutes.

mental health online app
Ms. Pinar Karabulut FAMILY THERAPIST

Review date: 20.03.21

Client key: #282566

Ms. Clodagh has been very helpful in her approach to my mental health. She is understanding and is a great listener. It’s great to have weekly sessions with her from home

mental health online app
Ms. Clodagh Ross Hamid Clinical Psychologist

Review date: 12.02.21

Client key: #285492

I never thought I would be one of “those” people that needed help outside of my own beliefs of how one should cope with life's hurdles. I now approach these challenges with a totally new mindset. One that is healthy, open and well-adjusted to coping with anything that comes my way. The easiness of the app and booking capabilities made organizing my appointments flexible in structuring my week. This has been one of the best experiences I have had in finding out what part I play in the script of life and my path moving forward.

mental health online app
Ms. Bernadette Towner Psychotherapist / Clinical Supervisor

Review date: 19.04.21

Client key: #285231

Cyber Clinic is easy to use, simple, well laid out and allowed me to get a better understanding of my mental health challenges and being able to link up with my psychologist. It’s easy to book, change or pay for appointments. I found it particularly helpful during COVID-19, as it was a safe and secure platform that allowed me to continue seeing my psych and make progress during a time when I was barely allowed to leave the home. Highly recommended.

mental health online app
Dr. Qusai Hussain Clinical Psychologist

Review date: 01.11.21

Client key: #286734

The Cyber Clinic app is very easy to use and has helped me understand my mental health better. Mr Craig Willis, my counsellor was very patient and a keen listener. I had an amazing first session with him and thanks to Cyber Clinic for offering the Covid promo for a free session. It was easy to book and I am happy to say it took me less than 5 mins to connect with Craig, it has been a life-changing experience moving forward.

mental health online app
Mr Craig Willis Couples and Family Therapist

Review date: 04.04.22

Client key: #289934

I found Cyber Clinic to be a very easy App to navigate and got a lot out of Cyber Clinic. I read the bio’s of each psychologist and based my selection on this, I felt this particular therapist best suited my needs. They were fantastic and found the therapy over the duration of the 10 sessions effective and the psychologist was extremely helpful. Thanks Cyber Clinic .

mental health online app
Ms. Sarah Van Der Pluym Psychologist

See how Cyber Clinic benefits your practice

Practitioner Icon Mental Health Practitioner

Do away with unnecessary admin, reduce overhead costs, grow your client base and improve therapeutic outcomes - all from the comfort of your own home!

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Connect your clients with a service that works for them. Create health care plans and referrals to a platform that takes the guesswork out of sourcing high-quality mental health services online.

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Parliament logo Government

Utilise health care that provides real data and ongoing feedback on government-funded mental health programs.

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Help your employees be the best versions of themself, use Cyber Clinic to provide online psychological therapy help and improve their wellbeing through affordable and data-driven mental health online care.


Simply better therapeutic care

mental health online app
mental health online app
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