Frequently Asked Questions

All you need is your existing qualifications as a mental health professional, and a computer with a good quality Internet connection, and your own private space!
All Psychologist, Psychiatrists, Mental Health Nurses, Mental Health Social Workers and Counsellors who have appropriate qualifications, training and experience and meet Australian standards.
Say goodbye to room rental, office lease, reception wages, and travel costs.
There are 2 options:
  • A subscription fee which is a set monthly fee per practitioner and allows unlimited video consultations per month. Recommended for high volume consultations.
  • A percentage (20%) of the fees for all completed consultations. For example if the fee for half an hour is $90.00, Cyber Clinic will get $18.00 and $72.00 will go to you. There are NO other hidden fees or charges.
Yes. Cyber Clinic recommends a fee of $90.00 per half an hour consultation, but you are welcome to charge what you like. However, we do ask that the price be reflective of your qualification and experience.
We try to make things as easy as possible for you! You do not need to worry about taking payment from clients. Clients pay the consultation fee to Cyber Clinic in advance to secure their booking. Your part of the fee is transferred into your nominated bank account up to two days after the consultation has taken place using a secure & trusted payment gateway.
At this stage only psychiatrists can provide Tele-health services under Medicare, meaning clients will receive a rebate for their psychiatry consultation. This is not the case for psychologists, mental health nurses, social workers or counsellors. Hang in there allied health professionals! With the popularisation of e-health and technology, it is believed that your services will be covered under Medicare soon.
It is very secure, with Cyber Clinic meeting Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards, and all communication running directly between your computer and your client’s device with no 3 rd party involved.
No - you are able to access Cyber Clinic using your plain old web browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox.
At this stage Cyber Clinic is available to Practitioners on a Computer or laptop making it easier to take and refer to file notes. The App available on a smartphone is for patients. However, we are always in the process of development and anticipate that other versions such as tablets and smartphones will roll out very soon.
The quality of one’s connection is determined by a range of things such as one’s Internet connection, webcam and audio. We recommend using a wireless network with a good bandwidth and a headset with a microphone or headphones for quality audio.
If a client cancels their appointment with more than 24 hours notice they will receive a full refund and you will receive notification of the cancellation. If they cancel within 24 hours of their appointment they will be charged 50% of the consultation fees.
Yes – 24 hours, 5 hours and 1 hour prior to their appointment time. This has been shown to significantly reduce No Shows.
Yes - Definitely. All fees will be paid into your organisation’s nominated account, and then it is up to you to pay each individual provider as per your normal arrangements.

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