All you need is your existing qualifications as a mental health professional, and a computer with a good quality Internet connection, and your own private space.

All psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health nurses, mental health social workers and counsellors who have appropriate qualifications, training and experience and meet Australian standards.

Say goodbye to rental, office lease, reception wages, travel costs and EFTPOS Fees. Cyber Clinic charges a percentage (20%) of the fees for all completed consultation. For example, if the fee for an hourly consultation is $100.00, you will receive $80.00. There are NO other hidden fees or charges.

Yes. You are welcome to charge what you like. However, we ask that the price be reflective of your qualification and experience.

You do not need to worry about taking payment from clients. Clients pay the consultation fee to Cyber Clinic in advance to secure their booking. Your part of the fee for each consultation is transferred into your nominated bank account at the end of each month along with a summary statement of all consults.

Yes, Medicare rebates are available for video consultations between psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health social workers and their patients. The patient must live in an eligible telehealth area, classified as Modified Monash Model areas 4-7. Please visit to determine eligibility. For more information, please visit

Cyber Clinic meets the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards. Video connections are protected by end-to-end encryption technology and remain within Australian servers and are not recorded for any purpose. Cyber Clinic complies with the Australian Privacy Act (1998). Any data stored is for emergency contact details and Medicare purposes and is owned solely by Cyber Clinic.

No. You are able to access Cyber Clinic using web browsers such Google Chrome or Firefox.

Cyber Clinic is available to practitioners on a computer or laptop, making it easier to take and refer to file notes.

The quality of your connection is determined by a range of things, including Internet connection, webcam and audio. We recommend using a wireless network with a good bandwidth and a headset with a microphone or headphones for quality audio.

If a client cancels their appointment with more than 24hours notice they will receive a full refund and you will be notified of the cancellation. If they cancel within 24hours of their appointment, they will be charged 50% of the consultation fees. No Shows are charged the full consultation fee.

Yes. Clients receive notifications 24 hours and 30 mins prior to their appointment time. This has been shown to significantly reduce no-shows.

Yes, definitely! All fees will be paid into your organisation’s nominated account, and then it is up to you to pay each individual provider as per your normal arrangements. To set up your clinic or organisation, please email or call 1300 112 115.

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You will need to download the free app. You can do this by searching for ‘Cyber Clinic’ in the App Store (IOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Currently Cyber Clinic is only available to users on mobile.

You will need a smartphone to use Cyber Clinic. For iPhone users: you must be using an iPhone 5 or newer For Android users: you must be using a phone with Android update 6 or newer

Yes. To complete video calls with our Cyber Clinic practitioners, you must be connected to the Internet via Wifi or 4G mobile data.

Cyber Clinic values your confidentiality. We adhere to the National Australian Privacy Act (1998) as well as national standards for technological security, which includes end-to-end encryption. Cyber Clinic does not record video-calls for any purpose, and we only store information that is required for safety reasons such as in case an emergency contact is needed, and for the purpose of Medicare claiming. If you have any questions about our privacy and security guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have entered an organisation ID you will not be required to pay for your sessions. Practitioners can choose their own fees, so costs will vary. These fees are generally based on the practitioner’s level of experience and qualifications, and can be seen in each practitioner’s profile section. Payment is made online through the Cyber Clinic app. You will be asked to enter your credit card details when booking an appointment.

If you cancel or reschedule your appointment more than 12 hours ahead of your appointment time, you will be refunded the full fee for the session. If you cancel or reschedule within 12 hours of your appointment time, you will be charged the full fee for the session. This fee cannot be claimed on Medicare, and will not be refunded. If you fail to attend an appointment without cancelation, you will be charged the full fee for the session. This cannot be claimed on Medicare, and will be not be refunded. If you booked your appointment using an organisational ID, you will not be charged in any circumstance. However, an appointment that is cancelled or rescheduled within 12 hours of your appointment time will be deducted from your organisation’s pre-purchased sessions.

Each session lasts for 50-60 minutes.

Cyber Clinic has taken the stress out of finding a practitioner who is right for you. We do the searching for you! Once you have downloaded the app, you can select “Match me to a practitioner.” By answering a set of short questions, we will generate a list of the most suitable practitioners for your needs. If you would like to search for your own practitioner, you can do that too! You can search for someone you already know, or browse through common problem areas to find a suitable practitioner.

Once you have selected your preferred practitioner, you will have access to their available appointments. You can then choose a date and time for your appointment, and request the booking. Your practitioner will accept the appointment and you will be notified via the app and email.

At the time of your scheduled appointment, please make sure you are sitting in a quiet, comfortable environment with your phone ready. Ensure you are connected to the Internet, and have allowed notifications from the Cyber Clinic app. Your practitioner will initiate the video call, and your phone will ring similar to a FaceTime or Skype call. You will chat to your practitioner via video call, just like you would during an in-person appointment.

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Clients/employees are given a unique Organisation ID which grants them access to all of Cyber Clinic’s online services. No payment is required when using an Organisation ID. Clients/employees will register, book, cancel, re-schedule and re-book appointments online without the assistance of a supervisor or intake worker.

Cyber Clinic has access to a large database of mental health practitioners who have been vetted according to our clinical governance guidelines. Our mental health practitioners include psychologists, counsellors, mental health nurses and mental health social workers. We can select and manage a group of suitable practitioners to be available for your organisation and ensure an appropriate spread of availability, expertise and experience, tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Absolutely. We ensure that we consistently deliver the highest quality service by vetting all practitioners prior to verifying their account on Cyber Clinic. We check background information such as their registration with the appropriate regulation agency, institutional affiliations, training and education, and unique skill areas.

Yes! We can on-board individual practitioners and entire clinics or organisations to our platform. This allows your client-base to access your own practitioners through Cyber Clinic.

Cyber Clinic will provide Performance Outcome Data (POD) TM on a quarterly basis, or as required. These reports provide basic demographic data, such as number of sessions used, gender and age of employees using the service, primary presenting issues and location of use. We also provide unique data on key metrics such as engagement, wellbeing and practitioner performance for return on investment decisions.

For businesses intending to use the service for their employees, Cyber Clinic provides a simple pre-purchase pricing model that allows you to only pay for consults you use. Once a certain number of consultations have been purchased for your employees, they are available to use for twelve months from purchase. These sessions can also be topped up anytime throughout the year. If your organisation has its own mental health practitioners, we offer a monthly subscription model. We on-board your practitioners who have access to all of Cyber Clinic’s services. This model gives practitioners unlimited consultations per month at a fixed fee. For more information about pricing, please contact us on 1300 112 115 or

All data is solely owned by Cyber Clinic and is stored on a securely encrypted server within Australia. We use a native, secure video-conferencing system that does not require the use of any third-party applications such as Skype or FaceTime, making all calls highly secure. Cyber Clinic does not record or store video calls for any purpose. Cyber Clinic complies with the principles under the Australian Privacy Act (1998). For further details regarding technological security, please contact us on 1300 112 115 or

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